“The best companies make the most of their most precious resource - human capital. Sustaining Executive Performance offers concrete guidance and a compelling rationale on how to achieve that. Critically, MacGregor shows that the responsibility for health and performance rests with ourselves and that this enhanced self-management enables us to exert a positive influence on those around us to create high-performing organizations.”

Bernardo Quinn, Global Chief Human Resources Officer, Telefónica

“Here at last is a book that hardwires sustainability to the individual and shows clearly the way in which we may all contribute to a future world that is about more and better, not less and compromised. MacGregor presents a vision of executive health that is immediately applicable, practical, and grounded in sound business rationale - thereby making a significant contribution to sustainable value creation for the self, enterprise, and society.”

Peter Lacy, Managing Director and Partner, Strategy & Sustainability Services, Asia Pacific Region, Accenture

“How you execute, and feel, as a leader changes throughout your career and is dependent upon many factors in your work and life. Sustaining Executive Performance brings together historic wisdom and modern research to set out the basis for sustained and effective leadership. MacGregor presents a compelling case for looking after one’s self that will sit with other critical business requirements, for even the most skeptical of minds. This book provides sound advice and reasoning on how to tune your body and mind to provide improved performance throughout your career.”

Andrew Fenton, Vice President, Oracle UK, Ireland and Israel

“In our ever-complex world, organizations need to be thinking about all aspects of the health of their business. Steven MacGregor’s book shines a light on the three most important: employees, customers, and the community. In Sustaining Executive Performance, MacGregor provides the tools to help leaders at all levels of a business achieve balance and lasting success.  

Nathan Waterhouse, Cofounder and Managing Director of IDEO's Collaborative Innovation Platform, OIEngine.com

Sustaining Executive Performance offers today’s leaders the foundations for developing a new model of lifelong, personal advancement. Grounded in MacGregor’s personal experiences leading in the boardroom and on the trail, the SEP model can be integrated into one’s daily routine immediately.”

William Cockayne, Ph.D., Lecturer at Stanford University and creator of the University's Foresight Engineering program